Out With Hippie Jesus, in With Sexy Jesus

The above clip from Hamlet 2 is the recommended soundtrack for this post.

As we continue to move through the history of Jesus in American culture, the authors of Color of Christ, Ed Blum and Paul Harvey, have been busy weighing in on the new movie Son of God. At the Huffington Post, Blum and Harvey (or as I call them, Blarvey) discuss the homo-social moments of intimacy in the new Jesus biopic. Meanwhile, at the Atlantic, they ask whatever happened to hippie Jesus?

Apart from Blum and Harvey, Jezebel has posted its own list of the sexiest Jesuses in American cinema. It’s a tragedy they left this guy off the list:

Why must Jesus be sexy? And why have we tired of the hippie Christ? Stay tuned to see if the class has any thoughts about sexy, hippie, Jesus…

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